Complete App Access Plan with set of 4 modules


Plan Includes:

  • Set of 25 MOCK TEST (Complete syllabus)
  • More than 100 Topic-wise MOCK TEST
  • Set of 4 module books covering all 12 subjects (approx. 200 x 4 = 800 pages)
  • Complete in-app study material
  • Interactive sessions for doubt clearance with our expert
  • Previous year examination question papers of MD (Hom.), AIAPGET, MO & Lectures of various PSC’s & UPSC’s, MO AIIMS, etc.

Salient features of the plan:


  • Series of 25 mock tests (complete syllabus) at an interval of 15 days
  • 12 Subject-wise mock test. One paper for each paper.
  • 100 topic-wise mock tests covering all topics of all subjects. Eg. Mock test on ECG; Card repertory
  • We provide the same interface as is used in online competitive examinations.
  • You will be competing with top students from all over India. Your ALL INDIA RANKING will be prepared and sent to you on your mail.
  • Your personalized results will give you an assessment of your weaknesses and strength.
  • Access collection of more than 30000 unique questions.


  • State-of-art study material on all topics will be provided, which is prepared by India’s best team, using mnemonics, stories, pictures, similes, etc.
  • A set of 4 modules, spread around 800 pages, will be provided to you at your doorsteps without any extra cost.
  • These modules are self-explanatory and require the minimum effort of the subscribers to grasp the concept.
  • These modules are specially designed to meet the requirement of competitive examination, hence emphasizing the topic from where questions are framed.
  • Complete in-app study material is also provided to subscribers, which allows them
    to continue their preparation anywhere, anytime.

Previous year question paper of various competitive examinations (UPSC, State PSCs, CCRH, AIIMS, AIAPGET, erstwhile state MD Entrance Examination)

High yielding, time-saving, to the point last moment revision of all subjects which ensures the best performance in the examination.

We provide a platform for all the subscribers, where they can clear their doubts from our team of experts who are India’s best academicians

PLAN VALIDITY: Your plan will be valid till AIAPGET 2024



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